Gendika B.V. is an independent laboratory that performs genetic research in animals, plants and micro-organisms. Many bird-lovers have been familiar with our DNA-analyses for almost 20 years, in particular with bird sexing. We are a small organisation with highly qualified employees. We value a reliable and fast customer service and provide genetic research that fits your needs. Depending on the research question, we develop an approach specific to each customer.  Since our laboratory is independent, confidentiality is guaranteed.

To perform our analyses we only need a small amount of sampling material, for instance a few drops of blood, a few feathers or a few hairs.

If you have questions, we will gladly inform you about the possibilities for genetic research on your animals, plants or products. Please contact us by calling: 0031 (0)598-619343, by emailing us at, or by filling out our information request-form.

For genetic research that fits your needs, choose Gendika!