Genetic research offers an easy and reliable way to obtain information for population management. Basic information like an animals gender or parentage can be obtained from just a hair-, feather- or blood-sample.

Paternity analysis

Within populations, parentage of new-born animals is often unclear. Using DNA samples of the possible parents and the young animal, this can easily be determined.


Taxonomical analysis/(sub)species determination

For studbooks and breeding programmes it is important to ascertain that all interbreeding animals belong to the same (sub)species. Using DNA analysis, hybridisation may be avoided.

Analysis of population structure

The structure of a population can be determined using genetic analysis, for instance to avoid inbreeding or to determine the amount of genetic diversity.

Sex determination in mammals   

Mammals may lack obvious external sex characteristics. DNA analysis is a reliable method for sex determination that can easily be applied to mammals, usually based on a pulled hair sample.


Sex determination in all bird species

Using taxon-specific methods, Gendika performs sex determination in all bird species, including ratites and tinamou. Plucked feathers can be used to obtain DNA.

Custom designed projects

If you have a research question that does not fit into the above categories, researchers at Gendika will investigate the possibilities. Please contact us at: phone number 0031 (0)598 619343 or email: